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Super Soft Carpet

Soft carpet flooring is influenced by three key factors: style, fibers, and denier, with all of these represented and explained here.

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What to Know About Soft Carpet


The amount of time that you're on your feet each and every day can be exhaustive, so why not invest in a super soft carpet that you're excited to walk on and sink your feet into? Whether your home is a solo oasis just for you or a bustling hub for your pets, your kids, and all their friends, you've got plenty of soft carpet options to consider. 


Before you start shopping, it can help to get a baseline understanding of what influences carpet softness. There are three main factors: 


  1. The carpet style you go with, like plush or berber
  2. The carpet fiber you choose, such as polyester, nylon, or triexta 
  3. The denier, which is the thickness of the filaments that make up carpet fibers

When you're searching for soft carpeting, keep in mind that lower denier generally equates to softer carpeting. Carpets with thicker filaments have higher denier and are more rigid, which works well in schools and commercial spaces.


Durability of Super Soft Carpet


Are you concerned that you have to pick between durability and softness? It's a common misconception that you can't have both, but the truth is that you can find soft carpet for living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas you want to feel comfy and luxe


The key is in the carpet fibers. Triexta and nylon are two incredibly strong synthetic materials, and when used in thinner deniers, you end up with durable and super soft carpet. This means you can comfortably spread out on the floor during your kids' play time every day without worrying about its effect on your plush new carpet.




Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the super soft carpeting of your dreams. What color is it? Do your feet get lost deep in the carpet fibers, or do they float on top like you're standing on clouds? The beauty of this visualization is that you can likely find it! 


From the cozy depths of a warm-hued plush carpet to the firm yet tender cushion of a pristine patterned or textured carpet, you've got an array of super soft carpet options that will beautifully decorate your space.


Maintaining Plush Carpeting


Whether you choose soft berber carpet or plush carpet, regular maintenance is a requirement, assuming you want to maximize your investment. You can add a weekly vacuum to your child's chore chart, but only once you have the best vacuum for soft carpet. Some super soft strands may get wrapped around the vacuum's beater bar, pulling the yarn from the backing.


If —or should we say when—there's a spilled soda or an unexpected arts-and-crafts disaster, make sure you're following the guidance provided by the manufacturer to best clean your carpet.


Lifespan and Installation


Now that you and your partner have agreed on the perfect beige soft carpet for your downstairs living area, you want to make sure you get the installation just right. Though carpet installation may seem straightforward enough to tackle together as a weekend project, there's no point putting your patience to the test! Lean on the skills of a professional installer who will not only have all the tools necessary but also the experience and know-how to efficiently complete the job. Plus, you'll end up with beautiful new carpet and your warranty and relationship intact!


But how long will your soft carpet last once it's in your home? That depends on a few key factors, such as:


To get the most for your money and enjoy peace of mind, ask your local Flooring America expert about warranty protection. 


FAQs About Soft Carpet