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ASK KEN - EP. 3:
How do I treat carpet stains without damaging my carpet?

Ken's Quick Answer:
"The less you do, the better. The best thing to do is call me."

Ken's In-Depth Answer:
I frequently get phone calls from clients wondering what do about the spot or stain on the carpet they just bought from me. They're understandably upset and not sure what to do.
I wish that people would call me as soon as the spot happens, rather than afterwards. In many cases, I hear that they've gone to the local supermarket and they've bought a spot remover off the shelf. These products can contain bleach or something else that takes the dye out of the carpet. Other times, clients will keep scrubbing the carpet until it's almost unrecognizable.
There's so many things that you should not do when you get a spot or a stain on your carpet. Here's what you should do:

In the first place, blot. Don't scrub. Don't rub. Every time you scrub a carpet, you compromise the texture of that carpet. Remember to blot with plain water. If the water doesn't work, you could use just a drop or two of dish soap.

If that doesn't work - stop. Call me up. We have a wonderful product in the store called ForceField Fabric Cleaner. This is the only thing I recommend for cleaning all types of carpet. Use as directed.

If that doesn't work, call again. We'll send out the best professional that we know, and he'll do everything he possibly can to take the spot out of the carpet.